Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hidden Knitting

Sorry no new knitting phots still working on my edgy exchange so still hush hush but is going well still knitting the boring bit plain stocking stitch my mortal enemy but a few more inches and then I get to play with the fun bit.

Had a great day at Silkwood yesterday, its always nice and relaxing there making more plans for Alexander Palace. Some knitting some dyeing some wool winding what more can you ask for a day. I'm going to be joining them at Caterham on Saturday for their open day and of course I may have to buy some wool (reminder to self do not take cheque book).

On the way home it was such a beautiful sunset I forget how lucky I am sometimes to live in Barnes with all that greenery.

Barnes riverside Posted by Hello

Poppy picture

Poppys wool love Posted by Hello

She obviousley has the same love of Kid Silk Haze as Yvonne.


Tracy said...

Rowan would love that photo of Poppy, what advertising!

littlelixie said...

That cat is so gorgeous. I am still (fingerscrossed) hoping to be there tomorrow so will try and work out who you are (the one with all the scratches I guess) and say hello.