Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Final tension square

Ok so I think I can finally go ahead with the agarve in the calmer I did two more swatches one in an acrylic aran (was never planning to knit in acrylic I hasten to add it was just at hand) and the other in Rowans calmer that usually for my tension knits up to an aran weight.

two tension squares Posted by Hello
Well they are not far off, I think I may need to go back to the studio this morning to check some of my math but I think I can knit it in the calmer without too much alteration. I know its a little softer than the original pattern is knitted in but I think it still shows the pattern clearly enough.

I still promise will not cast on before I finish edgy :)

Final swatch Posted by Hello
I had a thought yesterday I suddenly realised that I hadn't had my order from Sandra Singh one of the american companies that take Paypal, it had been 15 days since I placed the order so knowing what our postal system locally can be like I thought I would just check. Well apparently something in their system because one of my items weren't in stock they were holding the parcel now this would have been fine but i hadn't been informed. Well I got a very nice e-mail from the owner this morning apologising and explaining the problem to me upgrading my order and refunding me for the item that was out of stock. So hopefully a parcel will arrive in the next few days.

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