Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Day

Told you be back to noormal service today, thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts it is really appreciated and does mean a lot, I'm so grateful to have such good friends.

Ok back to knitting look what I got in the post today from Cold spring Mill

what lovely wool Posted by Hello
Ok I confess these are just three of the cones that arrived and considering calling up again tomorrow and ordering some cotton as I think I can make a jumper per cone so that means a ten pond cashmerino jumper which can't be too bad.

Still haven't finished edgy have all the components now but it has just been too hot to work with wool, in fact got so desperate today went out and brought a fan for the studio and yes did consider stripping off but decided that my fellow studio members couldn't cope with the sight especially as I seemed to be getting a few more visits than normal. Did do a bit more on my cotton hat and have started on the diagonal stripes down the side.

Ok spot the mistake in this photo

one two ..... Posted by Hello
No its not a trick of the camera that is two Poppys, well in fact its one Poppy and one Michelle they ae sisters and argue like they are. This is what I found waiting for me yesterday when I got up, apparently my brothers friend who got the kitten at the same times mum has just gone in for chemotherapy and Michelle(not my choice of name) is a risk of infection so now we have two kittens.

leave me alone Posted by Hello
Doesn't she look like she's wearing eye liner!!! She's a completely different character from Poppy a lot mor jumpy and not so brave so our house is now turning into the local zoo.

watch that bird Posted by Hello


scarletprincess said...

Hey there
Glad you're feeling better :o) Poppy and Michelle are beautiful! my cat is pretty but Poppy is wonderful!
Mine is about a year old now but she was a handful on her own... I can only imagine what the pair of them would do to your yarn stash!!!

alltangledup said...

what pretty kitties... and now Poppy has company too. So glad to see that you are feeling better. Bereavement is like that, everything going well and suddenly you're floored.

Next time a big day comes around, let us know so that we can come around and help you sort your stash or something

Tracy said...

I think Poppy and Michelle are going to have great fun together, look at all the lovely cashmere they can play with. You can scratch your claws big time down those gorgeous cones, I foresee lots of yarn being put behind closed doors!

Jan said...

Hi Nic, glad you are feeling a bit better, but it is still early days and hope it will get easier for you.

This hot weather doesn't help much either.... phew, so hot and oppressive.

The kittens are gorgeous, and I bet they are keeping you busy, chasing after them before they get their claws into your lovely new cones of wool. Luv Jan xx