Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thanks Due

I have to thank Woolly Warbler and Donna for their help in sorting my button problems and I have now got a fully functional I heart wool button.
More good news I have heard from the poor person who has got me for SP5 and I have no clue as to who they are not even which country they come from. Iam still waiting patiently for the person I get to spoil Rox is doing such a great job there are over 600 participents this time round.

I did get some knitting done yesterday after all that computer time I started the simple lace shawl pattern for Silkwood

shawl pattern Posted by Hello

But I couldn't resist doing a swatch for the Agauve Jumper.

Swatch Posted by Hello
Ignore the colours as I am just testing for gauge as I think if I just increase the yarn size and a little bit of fiddling as there is no real shaping on it I should be able to upsize it easily.

I also have a confession I couldn't resist any longer and finally ordered Loop d loop and it arrived yesterday,
Couldn't resist Posted by Hello
I know there has been a lot of discussion about it on ample knitters and how most of the patterns are made for the very thin well I can understand what they are saying but there are so many inspirational ideas in it and as I very rarely actually knit something from a pattern book and just use them for inspiration I really found this book fantastic.

Oh and my apologies for those who are getting some interesting spelling on my e-mails Poppy has found a new favourite place to sleep.

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littlelixie said...

That yarn you are using for the top picture of just gorgeous. One of your own blends? Poppy is adorable! Please keep posting pics of her (my DB is allergic :( )

Tracy said...

Poppy obviously likes blogging!