Sunday, June 12, 2005

Crazy Day

Ok I think it is safe to say that I am not the luckiest when it comes to transport and yesterday wasn't any different. Southbound traffic across Hammersmith Bridge was still closed yesterday so basically this part of Barnes is pretty much closed off so having found out my friend Jacqueline was in hospital I decided to visit her before heading down to Caterham as I had worked out a way via east croydon to get there. Well in the end it tool me an hour just to get out of Barnes and that was going the wrong way finally arrived at the hospital an hour late. I was glad to see her looking so well although not 100%, I took her up a collection of my knitting magazines to feed her addiction (you should see her stash its amazing).
So by the time I left I wasn't sure if I was going to make Caterham so made the radical desicion to take a cab (don't ask the fare) I had a wonderful driver who with the aid of a map got me to the Yarn House in good time.

How could anyone resist the colour of that yarn Posted by Hello

I have to admit that I wasn't on great form by that time, didn't have a great nights sleep but also its amazing how hospitals bring back so many memories, but it was wonderful to feel so welcomed by everyone made me feel a whole lot better. I finally got to meet Lixie I'm just so sorry we didn't get a chance to chat wanted to talk about her dyeing and her Kaffe Fassett and her new knitting machine, I will learn to not try and fit in so much in one day.

Yvonne and Jacinta doing fine work Posted by Hello

Before you ask yes I brought yarn and guess what type yes more sock yarn, I will post pictures later as the batteries on my camera have just died.
The shop is wonderful though Sheelagh has lots of really interesting wool (I know I am slightly biased as she stocks my kits) I really liked the look of the Alpaca but I restrained myself and I was once more reminded how much I want to knit the Black grey and white retro Blanket from Debbie Abrahams Blanket book one day.
Mary G was also there and had brought some more of her beautiful knitted jewellery projects that she is working on with her, they always get me quite excited and send my mind off at all sorts of Tangents about possibilities they are exquisite.

One of Marys' beautiful creations Posted by Hello

Tess and Les were there demonstrating always good to see them and all there wonderful yarn, I managed to restrain myself but I am being seduced by their new mohair.

busy shopping Posted by Hello

As you can see most of the Liberty hard core was there spot the faces, plus Sues cute little neice Beth who was very pateient with us all.
So thank to Sheelagh for hosting such a wonderful day also to Jan for providing yet another wonderful cake (and my chips), oh and whoever is her Rowan Edgy recipient I am very jealous as I had a sneak peak at her project and its gorgeous.
So after becoming a little more relaxed Jan gave me a lift to the Station I was very grateful having seen the hill, and tried to buy a ticket ended up only managing to buy one to Clapham saw that I had about 25mins to wait for the next train so wandered next door to pick up a few bits. Got back to the station with what I thought was ten minutes to spare to find that the next two trains had been cancelled due to driver shortages!!! Thankfully Caterham has a waiting room so installed myself and dug out my edgy knitting and had to wait around 50mins. The main bonus of all these travel difficulties was that I got another inch and a half of edgy done yeaterday.
Finally got home around ten to eoght last night and moved onto the second row of diamonds on my Diamond Patch socks. I quite like these they are growing fast.
There are some more pictures from Caterham on Silkwoods Blog and Yvonnes and Dawns and I'm sure there will be more I just haven't found them yet.


dawn said...

Hi Nic

I think you need stop meeting new people, too much creative stimulation! We spotted Mary getting off the train, glad she got there ok!
I'm glad we left a bit early, our train was fine!


Tracy said...

Looks like a wonderful day.