Friday, June 03, 2005

Too many ideas not enough time

I feel really bad this morning as I'm supposed to be in Detroit but just couldn't do for several reasons not all financial I have to say but that was definitely part of it. Also not sure could have faced all those questions at the Private Veiw as I haven't seen all these wonderful people for at least three years and so much has happened since then. So sorry to you all athe the big art show in Detroit hope you have a great time.

Enough of me moaning back to the knitting, as normal on Thursday I joined the knitters at Liberty, not that I got any knitting done, and had a good time catching up with Yvonne and everyone, look what Jacinta brought me back from Hawaii

Jacinta's present Posted by Hello
Aren't they beautiful, will have to think of a project for them.

Also I managed to get a copy of Knitters at borders (a rare sighting at in the Borders in Oxford Street) and all though I have heard a lot of bad things about this issue admittedly the fronet cover wasn't to promising

Knitter's summer 2005 Posted by Hello

But I do like this pattern and I don't think that it will take to long to alter.

Aguave from Knitter's Posted by Hello

Also Jill lent me this copy of Spin Off which has a great article on sun powered dyeing which could be interesting, I've done it with Kool Aid but this looks a little more intense.

Spin Off Summer 2005 Posted by Hello
I also fancy crocheting the top on the fronet cover.

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Yvonne said...

Fancy an Aguave Knit-a-long? I'm going to check my stash to see if I have any suitable yarn

life is just a bowl of... said...

I've just taken your weird test and scored 106, but I don't know if that means I am weirder than you as I'm a bit thick and couldn't work out if a high score was good or not. . . You didn't get to your art thing in Detroit? Is that a shame? Will IKEA be better? Will come over next week and discuss knitting, what could be better (well, sadly can think of many things, all out of reach, so knitting it will have to be. . .)?!?

Tracy said...

It worked!