Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hi and Bye

Just a quick posting as I should be in the studio putting kits together, I recieved my parcel this morning from Creative Grids who I had ordered a set of handles from for my edgy, great service by the way almost next day, and of course added a couple of extra pieces to the order

Parcel Posted by Hello

I have to say I'm not sure about the handles will try them out today I really wanted some 1950's angular ones but can't find any to order any suggestions truely welcome.
I did manage some knitting yesterday even in this humidity admittedly cotton first an attempt at fairisle

look how stressed I was Posted by Hello

inspired by Tracy and her poetry decided I was far to stressed to do this see the really bad puckering so moved onto trying a hat starting from the centre of the crown and working out, quite pleased with the result so far not the colours I hasten to add (don't usually knit with cotton so not a lot around).

Hat in the making Posted by Hello
And last of all a piicture of Poppy she is such a camera lover

poppy picture Posted by Hello

Oh Dads fine thank you for all of you were concerned its not as bigger a deal as it sounds honest he went out quite happily with his girlfriend last night.


alltangledup said...

glad to hear that dad's ok.
poppy is a real beauty... and love your fair isle colourway

dawn said...

I can't help you with the handles, though I love the ones you've bought. What about charity shops?

Tracy said...

Well that's good news anyway, Dads need to be happy Fathers Day after all! Stress doesn't help fairisle I admit, but it will get easier I promise.