Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stormy Weather

Sorry this post is going to be a little photo heavy as I have a little catching to do.
Firstly here are the pictures of the yarns in my second parcel from Cold Spring.

super chunky Posted by Hello

This is a lightly light in colour they are both Super Chunky, I love the mossy green not so sure about the grey its a bit yellow for me.

look at the stash enhancement Posted by Hello

The two cones in the foreground are my favourite, its the cotton Angora and it is so soft, I've been warned it splits but it feels so nice and I can wear its against my skin. Behind that are the two cones of DK cotton not in my favourite colours but practical for bags and things.
This is a progress shot on my hat in Rowan DK cotton
hat progress Posted by Helloas you can see I have finished the crown and am now on the stripey sides its not looking too bad the sides have pulled in a little but I think it will be a design feature as I refuse to frog it.

And finally this is the start of the Delta Burke cardie
cardigan edge Posted by Hello so far so good and I do like the colour I've got it down to 15mins per row hopefully I will get quicker as the jumper grows.

Did you see the spectacular thunder and lightening this evening, I sat in the studio and watched at least two hours of constant light show with the storm moving closer and closer and then the really heavy rain, this is when I found out the downside to being able to open the studio windows as one got stuck and I had to go out in the heaviest part of the storm to close it from the outside. But only two leaks in the roof tonight so not to bad.

Going to the Liberty Preview tomorrow night but the only thing I plan to get is some Jaeger Shetland if there is any left as I think I've already blown my wool budget for the year and still considering calling and seeing if there is any more cotton angora.

Just for Yvonne Posted by Hello


Tracy said...

You'll be knitting for years now with stash enhancement like that! The special effects in the sky were pretty wonderful weren't they? My two boys were playing football out in the middle of a large playing field when it struck. I was frantic thinking of what might happen. They finally came home 10 minutes later, soaked to the skin but saying they'd taken shelter under the one tree on the field....yikes! I think I need to enlighten them about electricity and finding its way to ground.

dawn said...

Hope you left me some of that jaeger shetland!! I'm going tomorrow during the day. Hopefully the campers will have bought their tickets by then. A little birdie (ahem) told me that you and yvonne have bought RATHER A LOT of stuff at Harrods today! Naughty girl!
If you don't like the new yarn (the too yellow green) you surely can dye it?


scarletprincess said...

Glad to see Poppy has made another appearance! Wow that yarn will keep you happy for some time... I know mine will!