Monday, June 27, 2005

Sorry no Photos

Sorry no photos ofr this entry as battteries on charge so tomorrow I promise.

The Good news though I have finished Knitting Edgy just one lining to sew in and the only reason I didn't complete that was that I ran out of daylight and I've made that mistake in the past and had to unpick it all because its the wrong colour so hopefully today I will finish.

So that being the case I couldn't resist any longer and cast on the cardigan in the cashmerino Aran from Cold Spring Mill in the turquoise, 315 stiches later, I know I don't like sewing up but it makes it an awfully long row about twenty minutes a time while still in the pattern border but it is looking good and I actually think my tension is about right. I got about an inch done last night leaving the studio around eleven last night. I know I have more UFO's than fingers but I couldn't wait.

Also started another blanket square I think I'm on a role I think this maybe my travel knitting (not that I go to far these days).

Oh I did this survey for MIT only took about 5mins

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littlelixie said...

I seem to spend a large amount of my time imitating your blog (OK, "copying")! Just did the MIT survey. Keen to see a pic of edgy when it is safe to post one.

Tracy said...

I wish batteries would give us more warning, I'm forever having dead ones with no new ones charged. Yes it was supposed to be the easy way to deal with one of life's little quirks. Put the fresh batteries on to recharge when you know you're running out. Do I do it? NO!