Friday, June 17, 2005

Good News

Three more rows and I complete Edgy..... I was starting to worry especially reading other peoples blog to discover that they had already recieved their gifts, felt a little better after Liberty last night where several other people were still working on theirs. Hopefully have it all completed cat hair removed ends woven in and I'm done.
Had a couple of horrendous days, firstly the washing machine broke down now I know that doesn't sound like too bad a thing but with the washing saga that goes on in this household it usually means that I get to use it once a month and do a whole days washing so I had booked out Wednesday to do all my washing only to discover that my first was wasn't rinsing and then wouldn't let me have my washing. (Finally fixed at the end of the day when I found the filter full of coins, don't ask). This was promptly followed by my Dad coming in to tell me he is off to the hospital with chest pains, now this isn't as dramatic as it sounds he has long term heart problems so i'm kind of used to it, he got sent back later in the day from the hospital where they had discovered the balloon that keeps one of his ateries open had started to collapse so he is back next week for a new one. So spent the whole day worrying for one reason or another but did get the majority of edgy done.
Now Thursday morning didn't go quite as planned for a start I overslept by about four hours as my normal wake up time is around seven as I don't sleep that well instead I woke up at quarter to eleven. SO the rest of the day didn't quite catch up with me, did get to Liberty's which is always nice and relaxing just what I needed and actually got some knitting done on Dan's socks another stripe of the bee sock complete, even managed to restrain myself in the wool department trying to save myself for the sale. Unfortunately I heard the call of choclate cake from borders which was fatal three books later I escaped and started to suffer from the choclate cake in fact by the time I got home I felt exceedingly nausious, that will teach me.

I did finally succumb to buying 'Hand Knitting New Directions',

new book Posted by Hello
I've been looking at it since I met Alison Ellen at a craft show just before it was published and I saw all her wonderful sample garements and I must admit I am enjoying reading it and feeling a little inspired, not sure if there is anything in it that I haven't done before but I think it is a good reference book, and after being inspired by the hat that Joanne had at Liberty I think I may tackle one of those next mind you the jumper she was also wearing which was from Debbie Bliss' Cathay book called button up cardigan

Button Up Cardigan Posted by Hello

(which only took her five days to knit some how I think it would take me a little longer) was beautiful and I am very tempted.


Tracy said...

I'm sure your Dad will be fine. You obviously needed the sleep too, I feel sleepy all day when I do that sort of thing.

dawn said...

Hope you dad feels better soon. What a shame I missed the cardigan - it looked ok? not stupid with buttons front and back? do you mean johanne with the wild hair who's allergic to wool?