Thursday, September 08, 2005

Catch Up

Just a short entry before I dash off to the studio.
The week has definitely gone better than last week which couldn't be difficult. I started off with our pre term planning meeting for the youth club which I work for. Now as those who read on a regular basis knoiw I have my doubts about continuing there, I have to say I still have those doubts, I find it difficult to walk away from the kids though so I am persisting for another term, including a christmas Panto if there is anything that is going to drive me over the edge the rehersals will.
On the positive side though I have realised what a wonderful buisness world I work in, people I deal with have been so wonderful and understanding when I'm not having a good week, I know from experience that if I was working in any other buisness arena I would have gone under by now but everyone is so supportive.
Knitting wise, the Aurora scarf is coming on nd a second ball has been started, still not sure about it, and to answer Anna's question (sorry I couldn't seem to e-mail you back) its quite easy to work with it doesn't break or split like I thoiught it might but the knots are frustrating, its also not very soft we will see what its like when it has been washed but I'm not sure its suitable to be worn against the skin (I'm biased on this any way as I can't wear wool).
Lots of kits completed annd ready to ship and am now looking forward to my long stay at Silkwood for some intensive spinning action so expect the odd picture of rabbits too.
Oh have just noticed that Knitty's Fall issue is up and has some fantastic patterns including some for us Goddess shaped ladies.


Anna said...

That's the thing with Noro yarns. I absolutely adore the colours, but more often than not the final item is quite scratchy. I find most yarns itchy on the skin and must say that Noro's are no different. But one might choose to endure the continous itching for sake of looking cool ? ;)

littlelixie said...

What a bummer about the aurora. Love the butterflies. Another blogger is thinking of starting a glittery exchange for spinners/knitters - will let you know if it gets going! At my Mum's this weekend. Have a great time at Silkwood.