Saturday, September 17, 2005

Glad and Sad

So its done the five hour sweater complete, I know I know you want to see a photo but it doesn't seem to want to load at the moment but I can show you this.

Emergency Package Posted by Picasa

This is the emergency ribbon that Yvonne very kindly brought for me from Liberty adn I was sewing on at half past eight this morning. There isn't really a shop that I can buy ribbon in in Sutton so I was getting desperate.

After dispatching the parcel I decided to treat myself I had read all about a new craft store opening 'Carshalton Craft' and after a bit of fiddling on journey planner I worked out the simplest route off I went. Actually the route isn't to bad except you go down a bit of a hill to get to the nearest bus stop so me being a coward decided that maybe another route home would be wise.

Great Store Posted by Picasa

This is the store and its fantastic, basically it is for all scrapbookers and card makers absolute heaven and even the odd treasure for us fibre lovers (the most amazing buttons). The staff are very friendly and actually know what they are talking about (always a bonus) and the selection of papers is awe inspiring. I was very good though I restrained myself to just a few things.

My small collection Posted by Picasa

Basically I brought papers to make a small scrapbook with the few photos I have of Robin as it seems a bit of a waste just leaving them in their envelopes.

This is the colour way I chose, this will be my first attempt (after Ally Pali) at scrap booking but I found the whole shop very inspiring.

Close Up Posted by Picasa

I did then come back using the train (the hill is just as bad up to Carshalton Station :) and got stuck into the dyeing. I managed to do about six kilos I think lost track in the end as once your on a roll you just keep going all I do know is that there is drying yarn everywhere.

The Sad part of my news is that I got a phone call this afternoon to say that Kim the hamster had escaped, apparently it had nibbled a hole through its cage, we don't hold out much hope for its survival as it is quite a drop from the table but it hasn't been found yet so a bowl of food and some water has been left on the floor and we will see if it has been disturbed in the morning.

Oh well tomorrows another day.

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your mate Jacq said...

Crikey - my gran used to live in Wallington and we used to walk to Carshalton from her house. . .

what a small world (but not if you have to walk up a hill on your journey, granted)

xx J