Monday, September 05, 2005

Knotty problem

Ok may be sometime before we get pictures on this blog have just tried to upload a photo and it didn't go well at all so I'm afraid it is just me whittering on for now.
I had a good weekend Little Lixie came to visit on Saturday and bravefully offered to wind some skeins for kits which meant I managed to complete a few more sets. She also updated me on a couple of blogs as some just don't open on my computer at the moment. Plus she brought me a present cob nuts, now I have some lovely photos of these and they are almost to beautiful to eat, am very tempted to paint them.

Got a little further with the Aurora and came across another nasty suprise a knot, now usually this is not a problem but in this case it became a problem as (as Jill warned me might happen) the yarn was two different colours either side of the knot. One side it was almost black and the other side was a light dove grey, now I tried to find a matching colur later on in the ball with no sucess so decided to carry on and hope because of the pattern I'm using it won't notice too much.

Oh well back to the kits

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