Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hide and Seek

I finally found the camera last night when I got into bed, don't ask I have no idea how it ended up in the bed not a clue but hey at least I found it.

I actually got a good nights sleep which is unusual for my first night here (its the same anywhere) usually I am very restless and up and down all night but once I was asleep last night that was it.

I was up at seven to feed the bunnies they get a bit restless from about six and as they are just outside the bedroom window they make it known that they are up. They are lovely though, all of them have different characters its great. I tried to get some new photos of them for Silkwoods site, now the adults usually co-operate but this is what happens these days when I attempt to take pictures of the little ones,

Escape Bid Posted by Picasa

yes they try to make a run for it, this one is out and on my lap before I could even think about it so I think those pictures are going to be a two person job.

Not only do I have the 30 bunnies and eight cats to take care of I now also have Boris to make sure I don't walk into.

Boris Posted by Picasa

Now I'm not a spider person usually but his web is such a great fly catcher I refuse to disturb him and he is the most beautiful colour.

How about this for a perfect picture of the country ideal, this is Emily curled up on a hay bale, I think I move too much for her at night.

Emily getting comfortable Posted by Picasa

My SP5 pal finally recieved her final parcel from me so I can now reveal her identity, go visit Melanie and say hi.

While I was checking out her site I found another raising money for the victims of Katrina run by Rox who ran SP5 go and check it out, I also heard about a couple of evenings being raised for fundraising one in London one in Liverpool coming up when I have further details I'll let you know.

And finally for now I just want to thank my postman, I know that it is a national sport to have a go at our post (including me on more than one occasion)but they managed to get this postcard to me using this address all the way from Turkey, isn't it fantastic.
Address Posted by Picasa

I think I should have this printed on all my buisness cards :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! You got my postcard. . .

(So the postman must be right up there with the Tesco guy)

And now I have a present for you to, spinning woman. (Love that yarn.) And some photos to quiz you on - will pop over one day with my PC and show them to you.

Hope all is going well. I'm struggling trying to dry my three week's worth of five people's holiday laundry in this damp too; will come over when I'm winning the battle

xx another blogger

Anonymous said...

ps and yes, I think there is a place for this minor communication triumph somewhere (but I'm not sure if your business card is it, as I recall you have a lovely card!)

xx ab