Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Odd day

Its just been one of those days just lots of little niggles, I guess the same as everyone.
I am still struggling with the delivery company, I just can't get through to talk to a human, they have asked me to book another collection, this will be the third one now, it is not as though the alternative is any better Parcel Force last time turned after the parcel had been picked up and delivered by another company.

I did get a chance to get out for a bit today as the guy who comes and cleans out all the hutches was here today so didn't feel, not pressurised thats not the right word, more responsible to be here ( I know that Les and Tess don't expect this but it is just who I am I guess). SO i joyfully went for a wander down the high Street. I know I outdid myself. There is nothing terribly exciting about Sutton High Street not wool shops or anything but they do have a Wilkinsons and look what I got.

New Inspiration  Posted by Picasa

Aren't these stars great I think I can spin them into a yarn if I thread them up carefully and a bargin at 69p.
But this wasn't my bargin for the day, this was

A well dressed wheel Posted by Picasa

I managed to find this wonderful Boa in a local party shop.

Great Feathers Posted by Picasa

The feathers are great so they have all been plucked and I hear a flamingo yarn calling my name. It was only £4.99 a bargin compared to what it would have cost me in feathers.
I'm hoping that these purchases kind of give me a creative kick start as I seem to have stalled, I'm not sure why, I've been working on a Logo for our Skip North Project now for weeks (Sorry Lixie) and although I have four designs none of them are right, the knitting for the new kits is just leaving me cold, I don't know I think I just need a day away from thinking about it all.

I did manage to spin some more of the juiced jester so its not all bad news and I have to do some dyeing tomorrow otherwise it won't dry in time.

Oh I almost forgot one of the things that really got to me today was that new programme art school on BBC2, now I missed yesterdays so I'm a bit behind but I went to Art School (my degree is in Fine Art) and I found myself shouting at the screen on more than one occasion (don't start me on John Humphries he would never have been excepted in the first place), I am glad that it shows that we do actually have to work quite hard and we put ourselves up for criticism on a regular basis, thats another point the critique that I saw today wasn't even half of what we had to experience, I actually had one of my tutors kick and damage one of my pieces, these people all got off quite lightly. Not sure I'll watch tomorrow not sure the blood pressure can take it :)


Andrea said...

I'm having a complete and utter nightmare with postal services as well and I agree it does get really stressful when you seem to be banging your head against brick walls. Especially if there are other stressors in your life at the same time! i sympathise and hope that you get sorted

Daisy said...

Cool stars. Will have to go to Wilco's and see if I can find some!

Anna said...

What a pretty idea, to spin in the stars! I am so envious of you being able to 'make' your own yarn ;) Do post some pics if you spin this.

I always love what you come up with! xx

Tracy said...

I have this vision of you sat in your beautiful boa (just be careful you keep the ends tucked well out the way!) under your stars spinning like fury, with the cats sat curled up in that basket of softness.

Melanie said...

You are sooo funky and fun. Love the star and feather idea... and I love your "yarn worms" a few rows back. Fantastic stuff nic. And you told me you weren't that great at spinning. HA!

Look forward to seeing more!