Thursday, September 15, 2005

Five Hour Baby Jumper Kinda

You will be glad to know that all rabbits and cats fed and accounted for, no disasters as of yet except a small chorus of thumpers at six this morning. The rabbits are kind of like babies once one starts they all start and it is impossible to get them to be quiet until they decide to be, it took them an hour and a half this morning. So after that wonderful start to the day it had to improve which it did.

To start with I spent a little time trying to find places to dry all the yarn I dyed yesterday, pictures tomorrow when it is dry hopefully.

Even better I finally managed to talk to a human at DHL and they have finally picked up the parcels whoppee, It took them all of an hour after I spoke to them before a van turned up to collect them its amazing how convincing I can be on the phone.

Then I checked my e-mail and the flyer suddenly took on a whole new meaning, I found out from mutual friends that someone I studied with at GVSU had lost everything in the flooding in New Orleans. I have very fond memories of being invited to decorate this persons christmas tree one year, which for a person away from home was wonderful to be invited to do and as coincidence has a concert is being held to help the family relocate back in Michigan. Unfortunately I obviousley can not be there but am sending a parcel and as she gave birth to her first child just after they were evacuated I decided to tackle once again the infamous 5hr babies jacket. Now I know from experience this takes me seven to eight hours to complete.
But I started with two hanks of one of Silkwoods four plys, Now I usually use an Aran weight for this pattern but the one yarn we didn't have any of Aran so I doubled up the yarn.

Silkwood 4ply Posted by Picasa

I also have to say I normally wouldn't use pure wool for a babies thing as I think washing it is a bit of a pain, but I was working on speed here as I want to get it to her as soon as possible.

In action Posted by Picasa

Les' ball winder came in very useful.

Materials at the ready Posted by Picasa

One hour on Posted by Picasa

Two hours on Posted by Picasa

Three hours on and the light is going Posted by Picasa

Four hours and one sleeve complete Posted by Picasa


Tracy said...

It's a wonderful colour, very autumny.

Jan said...

Hi Nicky, the baby's cardi looks lovely. Can't wait to see it finished. Where did you get the pattern from? Missed you at Libertys last night. See you next week? Jan xxx