Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ok another night with no fox sightings so things going well even managed a reasonable nights sleep, only two cats on the bed helps.
What about that weather last night it was coming down in sheets and yet more thunder and lightening.
I did get some work done yesterday see

Basket of Worms Posted by Picasa

Ok it doesn't look much but its all in the preperation for these funky yarns. I also threading on hundreds of sequins on to a thread to be spun alongside the main yarn.

The start Posted by Picasa

And here is the start of the spinning there is a little way to go yet!!! I was going to do some dyeing today but its just to wet I'll never get anything dry.

I am very impressed with the Tesco home delivery, I got everything I ordered and on time!!! I think I will be using them again, it will safe me that walk up the hill from Safeways. This doesn't mean I might not wonder down there some point in the week.

Just a small note at he end to say that I haven't forgotten the date and I am sure that no one will ever forget 911 so my thoughts are woth those who are still and will always be effected by this

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Daisy said...

Those colours are lovely!