Monday, September 05, 2005

Fingers crossed

So hopefully this is a high photo entry if I have got this thing to work, if not I apoplogise as this will make no sense whatsoever.

aurora scarf Posted by Picasa

First up is a picture of my Aurora scarf,

knot problem Posted by Picasa

this was before I had this small knot problem. The difference is not to obvious but now I have found a lump in the yarn and this is still only my first ball.
See what yu think about the colours.
Here are some sequins all set for my next set of spinning, I'm always a sucker for a butterfly.

sequins for spinning Posted by Picasa

These are the wonderful Cob Nuts Lixie brought me, I will confess we ate a few this afternoon so not so many to paint but I still have plans.

beautiful cob nuts Posted by Picasa

And last but not least these wonderful buttons which were a nice suprise in the post from my friend Mary aren't they beautiful.

Present From Mary Posted by Picasa


Anna said...

What a lovely scarf, the colours are so autumn-y and that's one of my fave patterns. What's Aurora like to work with? I've only seen it in JL, but decided I had enough yarn for accessories (way too expensive for anything larger!), so didn't pick it up.


Anita said...

The Aurora is very pretty - great colours. I think that stitch pattern really suits the colours, if that makes sense - shows them to their best advantage, anyway!

dawn said...

Bloody hell, Nic. I was all set to knit the moss st bolera (whether it suits me or not) after seeing Jill's on Saturday, now I see your scarf and like that too! My shade is very subtle and darkish, lots of brown, olive, hardly any colour, so it might not look as good??????
In my playing around with the auroro, so far, no knots. but noro is notorious