Friday, September 02, 2005


Sorry for the gap in blogging, not only have I not had a great week but also I had a small arguement with BT about my ongoing connection problems which after a three hour phonecall ended with me tellling them what they can do with their broadband account. So I am now on very slow dial up and I mean really slow until BT have cleared the line so I can replace it with another company, so no pictures I'm afraid as the download time for Hello was unbellievable.
I'd also like to thank all my friends new and old who have helped me through the last week, all the messages are much appreciated and I know for those that have been around that I haven't been a joy to be with but I'm working on it.
Unfortunately a planned visit from Robins grand daughter didn't happen this week as unfortunately Robins ex-wife passed away on Wednesday so hopefullly I will go and visit in the next couple of weeks but it is a bit difficult so I'm treading carefully.
What was a sucess was the show at Hampton Court Green last weekend. I managed to sell all my handspun on the first day in fact mangled parrot was sold before we even opened, so now I have none left so when back at Silkwood next I know what I am going to spend my time doing :)
It was a very hot weekend though, and Sunday was almost to hot under the marquee. I do have to say that it was one of the best organised shows I've ever done, lots of security, lots of sign posts and wonderful loos (trust me that makes such a huge difference).
Also had a nice evening at Liberty last night, very quiet but nice to catch up with people I hadn't seeen in a while. Also finally succumbed to treatiung myself to some Noro Aurora, I'm not sure what I am going to knit with it yet but I have brought three balls, I know that I can't wear it against my skin as it has a wool in it but maybe a little shawl or something. Notr that I have any time to knit at the moment for myself as I am working hard getting kits together and the new kits as well.

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Yvonne said...

Good to see you posting again! Sorry I wasn't up to being sociable yesterday, still feel rough today and Matt now has the lurgy as well!

I'm still playing with the "demented clown" - excellent entertainment value!