Friday, September 09, 2005


So here I am happily installed at Silkwood having worked out how to order from Tescos on the computer (the local supermarket is closed ) which was a whole new experience we will see what turns up, have made a trip to the local store for supplies (I know that I should support the local stores but what I have is a Europa store and I just can't afford (finacially and healthwise) to buy my food for the week from there. Apparently there might be a farmers market this weekend so will go check that out for some nice fresh produce.....Ok have completely strayed from where I was going with th is ok so all done settled down to the computer thinking great a computer that doesn't take three years to do anything, I'll put some photos on the blog so off I trot to fetch camera from suitcase only to waylaid on the way by hungry cats so being such a soft touch go and feed the felines and camera, what I've done with it I don't know, its somewhere in the house!!!! But I can't see it for looking never mind if I stop looking it will appear.