Monday, September 12, 2005

travel day

Another day complete, a bit hectic but all animals accounted for. Tess and Les came back for a quick turn around and then headed back out to Birmingham for the next show, which left me enough time to dive back to the studio check on the hamster and ask Robin to take care of her until I return next Monday. And then a quick dash over to Chiswick for Youth Club, and I managed it all, I may feel a little rough around the edges but have survived.

Unfortunately found that DHL had managed not to pick up the parcels for Get Knitted and Yarnhouse on Friday so ended up getting very irate with a computerised answering system and still not getting anywhere, will I ever find a reliable delivery company is what I want to know.

I did finish a 130g hank of handspun last night but have missed the light to photograph it properly today so first thing tomorrow, it comes from the demented Clown Family so thinking along the lines of Juiced Jester, all sugestions greatly appreciated.

So I leave you with a final picture from this mad house.

Another cat picture Posted by Picasa

No that isn't a new colourway in the basket its TP making himself very comfortable.


Tracy said...

Now that looks like a wonderful place to spend a few hours!

Brother Roy said...

Horticultural Society