Sunday, January 22, 2006


Ok so I am not having a good computer day, blogger has just eaten my post so here are the edited highlights
Sign up for Knitting Olympics complete
Peacock washcloth and socks are my entries
Has anyone come up with a team GB button yet?
Spun a yarn have so far called Flirty Girty see below
New Yarn

Spun another yarn yesterday with daisy's in it pictures to follow
Having to undo my lace shawl to before the fishes as dicovered a dropped
stitch and couldn't pick up so not happy

My other computer problem being that My MSN messanger won't let me in and until this morning my hotmail account wouldn't let me in either, my own fault when I came online last night it asked if I wanted to update my service I thought well I have time so I agreed, my mistake it hasn't worked since I should learn to leave well alone. At least I've manged to check my e-mails this morning and I have just tried reloading MSN messanger and it still won't let me in which is very frustrating as it takes a long time to upload on my dial up system. Never mind I am going to go and spin and see if it will calm me down.


Laura said...

Your yarn is beautiful!

Sorry to hear about your MSN and shawl.

Sue said...

JenLa have a GB button:

I keep thinking about becoming a knitlympian but I know I have a mad, mad time coming up at work and I don't know if I'll be up to competing. I so want to be a joiner though!

Love your spinning!


Allena said...

sorry about your puter problems!
i love your yarn! it's fab!