Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Spin another tale

Ok so I spoke a little too soon about the pain and ended up until half four this morning even venturing back online to try and find some distraction at around three, I was very good though didn't buy a thing, not that I didn't try :)
So finally managed to get some the antibiotics from the doctor but now want me to see a dentist as it has moved into my jaw, I know what is going to happen I will go to the dentist, it will cost a small fortune just for them to send me back to the docs but fingers crossed with the anti biotics things should subside.
So I didn't manage to frog as I wanted but is on the list for tomorrow, but I did get some spinning done. This first one is of a yarn I spun a while ago but have just finished setting the twist using the lovely butchers hooks that Jac found for me, this is now dry and ready to ship.

yarn 1 Posted by Picasa

This one is a yarn that I needed to ply with another and managed to find some wonderful boucle in the right colour so has created a wonderful textured yarn which is having its twist set as we speak.

It looks better in reality Posted by Picasa

I also span a chunkier yarn in moss green with red bows very christmas wreath like and also this small sample of this

a little dark Posted by Picasa

So tomorrow is now frog day .


ra said...

It's very odd but when I read your blog I get a strange clicky (as in mouse clicky) sort of noise through my speakers. It doesn't happen with any others. Do you have a webcam or a microphone switched on?

Tracy said...

I hope you get the pain sorted, sounds awful. Love the Christmasy coloured yarn especially, sort of makes me want it to happen all over again!