Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day

So firstly here is a quick pic of the shawl as it grows, see the sand dollars complete and the start of the waves, those rows are now getting really long (well for me anyway :).

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Well I have been reading a few blogs whilst trying to rediscover all my links and have read a lot of resolutions, I am never any good at these but I thought I might try a couple of knitting ones.
1. To finish at least one of the four jumpers I have for myself on the needles ( probably the modular one as it is closest to being complete)

2. To complete the lace shawl including the i-cord top

3. To spin a hank of yarn a week on my new wheel so it pays for itself.

4. Design a new label for my handspun

5. Reorganise the studio, it has too much stuff in it so some radical moves I think will happen.

I think that is enough for now, I am not sure I will keep all of those but the one I would really like to keep is the lace shawl as I have got further with this lace project than any other.

Oh and of course there is the sucess of Skip North. I can't wait.

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Tracy said...

Oh well done, I love a bit of lace. Especially when I can see how it should be done! Happy New Year.