Monday, January 09, 2006

Losing the plot

Ok firstly knitting news, my shawl is still growing and the bubbles are now done and three more rows and I can start the fish and then its one more row of bubbles and then I start the fancy edging.
Spinning wise had another couple of succesful days
Here is a close up of Mermaids Nipples with my new label which I am still not sure about.

Mermaids Nipple Posted by Picasa

I also managed this which I think will be called Rhubarb and Custard for obvious reasons

new yarn Posted by Picasa

A parcel of hanspun was sent off to Woolly Workshop today to add to my section on her site.
Right now for the non knitting, well it was my first day abck at youth club this term and is was actually really nice to see the enthusiasm of these kids,they all arrived early of course and have given us a list of things they want to do this term including visiting Japan (maybe not this term), learning the violin, Karate, horse riding, Oragami, cooking (always a favourite) and a talent show so not much to aim for this term lol.
As ever it makes it a long day and returned home wearily but actually feeling hungrey for a proper meal for the first time in a while so arrived home to find a disaster area, now I have been very impressed with my brother since being diagnosed with Diabetes he has taken his diet very seriousley eating properly afresh food unfortunately that doesn't seem to have included clearing up after himself, I have tried subtle hints and tonight I asked him out right if he was going to clear up and all I got was oh yes in the morning so I just couldn't face it so I ended up just picking on junk again, I know it sounds trivial but it is really getting to me, I know I am not the tidiest person in the world but I just don't want to come home anymore to face all of his mess. It is the same all over the house, he leaves things where he drops them and nothing I say seems to make a difference, I even considered giving up my studio today and use the money I would save to rent a room elsewhere but that wouldn't work either, hopefully I am just having a bad day and tomorrow it will be all sunshine:)


Wye Sue said...

Wool looks wonderful :-)
Brother sounds similar to mine, only he gets his girl friend to clear up after him !!
Take care and think happy thoughts :-)

Yvonne said...

Ever thought of having a cooker and fridge in the studio? You spend so much time there it might make sense!

Love the look for the Rhubarb and custard!

Annarella said...

I always find your creations so inspiring - do keep them coming, you're great! xxx