Monday, January 30, 2006

Busy Bee

I have so much to tell that I am going to i think divide this post into three sections firstly

First up is the pic of some of the things that Mary brought for me on Thursday.
Mary's Pressie

I'm sorry its a little out of focus but the light has been so terrible here and if I used the flash you lose how beautiful the beads are. The pictures underneath have sparked off several hundred ideas.
Next is this wonderful trio,
Jacquelines pressie

Aren't they fantastic they are characters from Tim Burtons The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy: And Other Stories ,I love Tim Burtons style and these are fantastic if you get a chance check it out. I am now trying really hard not to go and try and find the rest of the collection, I am being very good.

Knitting wise look

sock one

I finished a sock, I know it looks a little strange but I really do have big feet and they fit reasonably well for cuff down socks, I even managed the grafting on the toe with out getting to frustrated :) The reason that I managed to get my sock complete was a very long afternoon at the hairdressrs, now I know that I am usually in there for a couple of hours but this turned into a five hour marathon, now I wasn't in there having some fantastic very complicated haircut technically challening no it was just to redo my colour (the same as before) and a quick trim (which in the end took precisely two minutes) but unfortunately my poor hairdresser who is the only one I will let cut my hair was swamped and she was trying to work on several other customers at the same time and I was the least awkward so I was very petient and sat knitting in the corner with towels wrapped around my head (my normal five minute hair treatment actually ended up staying in my hair for half an hour, I did get really nice soft and smooth hair though) So I arrived say at 2pm and finally left at 7pm, three cups of tea later and one complete sock.
Now I was very tempted to consider this a finished object and cast on for the boa, but no I was soooo good and immediately cast on the second sock.
Speaking of socks I have signed up for the Sockpalozza for the very first time, in the beginners section of course don't feel quite in control of my sock knitting yet.
On the spinning front here is the latest yarn

latest yarn

still unamed but I am hoping it might be drying in the studio but as none of the others are completely dry yet after many days drying I am hoping that it will all be dry before I head off for Silkwood.


recognise anyone

Do you recognise anyone in this pic?
We had a great night out on Saturday watching the band that Jacqueling sings in called The Inhibitions, now I haven't seen a live band in a while but this was a fab evening and the band were great. This although hopeless as an actual photo as you can't really read the image is my favourite image froom the evening.

fav image

The barnes studios were well represented to support two of its students.

Motley Crue

A fun night was had by all.
And yesterday I went over to visit Silkwood for the first time on what seems like forever and had a wonderful time surrounded by fibres of every description and of course the cats and the bunnies.

Ok four things still struggling with the computer and still can't use MSN messenger and now blogger keeps eating my entries.


Tracy said...

You have been busy! I love your yarn, it looks like the pink fluffy bits are trying to escape, I wonder how it will knit up, clever girl! Your sock looks really good too, quick...cast on for the next or you'll be doing number two the next time you have a haircut;)

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