Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just put me down.....

Ok thats it I should be put down, now the pain from my ear was going beautifully and had finally worked out if I slept propped up I had no pain at all, I even managed to eat a proper meal for the first time in a long while, unfortunately I can't have checked the ingredients properly as obviousley something had nuts in, as some of you know they are something I have to avoid, it doesn't mean a rush to the hospital but basically just gives me a short dose of food poisoning, so after just settling down to sleep quite happily and was just drifting off when I felt that tell tale sign of pain from my stomache that it was not going to be a good night, in fact gave in on any chance of sleep by 5am. I did get some stuff done including the possible new label for my handspun using Latchboy font which I also worked out how to install on my computer.
So did return to bed around 9am and got a couple of hours sleep until being awoken by my brother hammering, now normally we don't see each other and he doesn't spend a lot of time at home but seemingly today hes decided that him and his mate were going to stay in and make as much noise as they could, the hammering followed by a game of darts in the hall ok own up who brought him a dart board for christmas) and now they are the other side of my bedroom wall playing some kind of computer game which seems to be leading to a lot of shouting and swearing. I guess looking on the bright side if I don't sleep now I might sleep properly tonight.
I decided not to venture out to Liberty, feel like I haven't been forever, also didn't get to the library either, also obviousley my big frogging day didn't happen but have been making a mental list of the things that are going.
Knitting wise here is the lates picture of the shawl, just a few more rows to the end of the waves.

shawl Posted by Picasa

This picture shows the colour of the yarn a little better.

colour Posted by Picasa

I am going to have to learn how to photograph lace knitting a bit better, probably will improve when it is finally off the needles.


dawn said...

oh you poor thing! are you sure it's nuts and not the antibiotics? they upset your gut bacteria - try to have some of the probiotic stuff...

Your shawl colour is beautiful, and the lace looks fine in the photo. there is no clear way to photograph lace! I wait until it's pinned out or blocked and try to have a contrast between yarn and background so everyone can see the holes.


alltangledup said...

poor you. I was hoping that you would be there tonight. Take care and rest a bit... there's not much more you can do when you're ill.

Anne said...

((((hugs)))) - gentle ones that won't bother your back. I don't usually go for being put down, but there are times when a body transplant seems quite attractive... - hope you get a decent sleep tonight.

The colours of that shawl are gorgeous - I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Sue Sanderson said...


so sorry you are having a rotten time. Your lace is quite beautiful - well done you. I was saying to Yvonne last night that this year I want to do some lace. We'll see ggg....

Takce care of yourself

Love Sue xx