Saturday, January 14, 2006

Totally exhausted

Ok I'm afraid another quick post as as my title says I am absolutely exhausted, not only from the show but a late night finishing a knitting comission and me sleeping through my alarm so I am going for an early night all ready for another day at Sandown tomorrow.
I promise on Monday I have some pics including pics of my wonderful christmas presents from Yvonne.
But I will leave you with a view of The exhibition centre from the train station just to give those who are planning to visit how far the walk is ( or you could cheat as there is a mini cab office just outside the station, which I haven't used yet but there is still tomorrow)
there in the distance Posted by Picasa


dawn said...

ah, but you haven't mentioned that it's uphill! we catch a cab going to the racecourse, and walk back (unless it's raining)


Anne said...

I'm afraid I've tagged you - ignore it if you don't want to do it.