Friday, January 20, 2006

At Last

After what seems like forever I finally got back to see everyone at Liberty's for a fun night knitting. It was so nice to be back.

girls and glasses

It was a quiet evening only twelve of us in all (half of whom were bloggers), I even got some knitting done, I took with me my dreamweaver/catcher Opal yarn socks cuff down (a rariety for my much prefer toe up) as I am trying to be good and not cast anything new on until at least one of my other projects are finished.

Here is Polly inspecting Mary's boa

Polly and boa

I have to admit when I saw it on her blog I had to restrain myself from casting on there and then but I am going to make one but will finish something first.

And with renewed determination I returned to my lace shawl, now the last you heard of it was I was about to start the first row of the fish, well I made a mistake on that first row and couldn't face unpicking it as I was worried that I was going to undo all the way back to the bubbles, but no it was ok it was just the one row and even managed to reknit that one row and am ready to go again. Also managed to finish the gusset on the socks and about an inch of the foot.

Well there was a lot of debate about the Knitting Olympics last night and as Mary pointed out we are going to have a large Team GB, definitely going to sign up and at least one other Skip North Attendee is game as well so I think some late night knitting may be going on for that last minute dash for the finish line. Still haven't decided on what yet.


Pamela said...

Ooh, Team GB, count me in. I've said I'll knit something from Designs for Kids, probably the Jack Frost Jacket.

alltangledup said...

heheheheheh, don't know why, maybe the angle that I;m holding my head but I look pretty mum-sy in that one.

It was really nice to see you, been waaay too loong!

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