Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One of those

Ok so much for all the good intentions I had today, I should have just stayed in bed it was one of those that everything I tried to do I messed up everything I picked up I dropped it and so on and so forth and I am sitting here waiting for the computer to blow up.
To start with the couple of things that I meant to put in the last post and I forgot, as I still haven't got the hang of replying to comments to answer Ruth's question, yes I am very influenced by Pluckyfluff and am a regular visitor to the website as well as Jenny Neutronstar but I am also influenced by the yahoo group spinning on the edge that I was introduced to by Lixie also by the blog spinning on the edge, they all gave me the freedom just to use my imagination in my spinning and not to be confined by convention.
Also Dawn is right I did forget to point out that the walk to Sandown is all uphill which my calfs can testify to!!! but I am proud of myself I didn't succumb to a cab on Sunday and did walk but was very tempted.
So I am going to split the pictures between today and tomorrow just to cut down on the risk of the computer crashing.
Firstly here is my buys from Sandown I was actually quite good

lurex Posted by Picasa

These are the lurex for cross spinning I picked up from Uppingham yarns at a very good price of £1.50, the cone at the very front in real life is the colour of cadbury choclate wrapper.

wool Posted by Picasa

These were from Web of Wool. The canadian sock yarn I first saw on Daisy Chains site and couldn't resist any longer plus the yarn called punk how could I not buy a couple of balls
I also brought some paper to experiment with and a couple of stamps from my favourite Stamp company Dimension Fourth who did my name stamp for me.

And just to finish with is the yarn I spun yesterday

seaworthy? Posted by Picasa

To come tomorrow finally my Christmas present from Yvonne and bunnies

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Spinningfishwife said...

Thanks for the links to the Spinning on the Edge blog and Yahoo group! I`d never heard of them before, but they look wonderful inspiration for a newbie spinner (me) with aspirations.