Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just One More Day

Another day at little less earache, now just jaw ache but at least an appointment at the doctor in the morning hooray. I must admit its not as bad as it has been and I am now at least getting some reasonable sleep but will be grateful to be better again.
Did go to the studio today and mamaged to clear a little space and I have formulated some plans for furniture rearrangemant.
Knitting wise I did get some more of my shawl done and hope fully after tonight I might get to the end of the waves so I will hold off until tomorrow for the pics of that. I have decided that tomorrow I am going to tackle a lot of the projects that I have on the needles in the studio that I am necer going to finish and to frog them and rescue my needles, I plan to be ruthless.

1 comment:

dawn said...

I think Dr's plan is that patients recover before they get their appt!

Be very vicious with frogging, it really clears the deck (and the needles). And seems to make more time for proper knitting, on projects we want to knit!