Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pic Free

Ok so its not quite the morning but I have managed to catch up with my sleep actually managed a whole nine hours last night so feel a little more human now. All I can say is what awful TV there is on in the middle of the night, we seem to have a choice of watching people sleep in the BB house or a money making quiz show that goes on for hours on the otherside or if you are really lucky a triathalon or possibly a vintage american football game!!!
So the shawl has been carefully unpicked stitch by stitch and am back at the beginning of the fish so tonight the plan is to sit not in fronet of the TV but concentrate on these few rows to get them right as I really don't want to do that again!!! A little more done on the dreamweaver sock (I know not that exciting so no pic).
Spinning wise I managed to spin another yarn yesterday and I am now half way through plying it with my cadburies choclate lurex so hopefully pics tomorrow light allowing.
Had a reasonably peaceful noght at Youth Club as someone else had decided to do paper mache as the craft so I managed to spend some nice one to one time with the kids and a bit of finger knitting and pom pom making. It was nice just to have that time rather than rushing around trying to minimise the mess without curtailing any of their creativity.

Knitting Olympics Update I have been looking at Polly's Limbo socks for the socks, I did look at the jaywalkers but they won't fit me without some adjustment whereas the Limbo will without to much. Desicion desicions.

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