Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another day another dollar

I had a wonderful day at Silkwood Yesterday, mind you I always enjoy myself there. I got to see the baby bunnies who have grown so much and very sctive, see more photos on Silkwoods Blog They are so cute especially the darker ones. I aslo got to see the new bunny in the name the bunny competition and he has the most wonderful ears as he has the most wonderful Pom poms on his ears and is a very calm bunny when being held.
I of course got the chance to play in the dye house.We got through a couple of Kilos of yarn getting closer and closer to the knitting show at Alexander Palace.

Washing Line full Posted by Hello

The only thing to hang on your washing line this season.They also intoduced me to a wonderful Khebab shop who make fresh Hummus to order it was heaven.

I've almost finished the aloha socks just another twelve rows I think and I will have a whole pair of socks.

Today I am back to joining the book binding Frenzy that is underway at the studio (no I'm not taking up bookbinding) but I've been helping a friend dye Vellum well its more like 100 things you shouldn't do to vellum.

look at the beatiful hand writing Posted by Hello

It does look pretty though but for future reference do not put it in microwave or in boiling water it shrinks.

Dyed Veluum Posted by Hello

Oh I almost forgot (how could I) when I was with Silkwood yesterday I met Shelagh from the Yarn House in Caterham and also took some kits to sell in the store. I'm going to be knitting samples for ever at this rate.

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You're gonna be a star!