Sunday, May 15, 2005

New Editions

Knitting first for a change well not actually knitting, yet more kits put together

Not all play Posted by Hello

and some more photos taken,

new kit shot Posted by Hello

and my yarn for my rowan exchange dyed. I had a bit of a disappointment with some yarn, I found Hip Knits via indie knits and got excited as they hand hand dyed cotton on sale called flame see below.

Hip Knit 3ply cotton Posted by Hello

Unfortunately two of us obviousley ordered it almost similtaniously so I lost out. Hip Knits have been very nice about it though and have offered me free postage on my next order.
And I added another Body Cheveron to me modular jacket which I am determined to finish for autumn.

Check out Silkwoods Blog that I keep updated as they have just announced a competition to name one of their new bunnies and win some yarn from his first clipping.
Now for the none knitting section look what Kim and Dan brought me for my Birthday (early)

Niki or Kim not sure which Posted by Hello

well in fact there are two of them but the other one wouldn't stay still for long enough to have her phot taken. They Russian Dwarf Hamsters according to the pet store, but as it is not the best pet store in the world I wouldn't be suprised if they turned out to be something else, I have two girls so no babies!!!! and after a short ride on Dans Moped have taken up residence in their palace of a cage in the studio (one of those Rotastak ones). They are so cute and I have been wanting a pet for a while since we lost the dog a couple of years ago especially since I started looking after Silkwood Bunnies and finally decided that a hamster would be the most practical.


Tracy said...

I saw that flame colour too and thought shall I, shan't I? Great minds think alike but it wasn't me! I hope your little hamsters had crash helmets on for their journey. Off to check Silkwood now.

Jill said...

Can I suggest CAPPUCHINO for the rabbit's name? Can't seem to leave a comment on Silkwood.....