Monday, May 23, 2005

Parcels Galore

I made great progress on these damn socks (excuse the language) as I said before I think Crazy Toes and Heels socks has some great ideas in it but I think it suffers from being self published as I personally find it quite frustrating

Sock so far Posted by Hello

(Spot the mistakes!!!)

but saying that I love the heel on it (basically an unwrapped short row heel) as the main thing I don't like about knitting socks is picking up the stiches along the heel flap, I already knit the Jill Vosburg short row heel toe up socks but now I can combine it with the two circular needles and two socks at a time idea and I might actually knit a few more socks.
I also managed to do a little work on some experiments for my next kit design,

latest experiment Posted by Hello
still needs a little work yet but like the colours.

I also recieved two more packages this morning (I told you I had a bad time at the beginning of the week, the first is some more patchwork fabric from ebay. A real bargin with the exchange rate.

Patchwork heaven Posted by Hello
Notice my favourite with the Sesame Street characters on it, obviously trying to wean myself off Pink isn't going well :)

My second parcel is to feed my new habit for Japanese puzzles,

my new obsession Posted by Hello

I know you are sitting there thinking that I have jumped on the band wagon of the Sudoku craze that seems to be sweeping the nation well I've been doing those for around a year now and have moved onto my new favourite 'light up' check out this website if you like puzzles Puzzle Japan there are lots of free puzzles and also instructions in english. My other favourite is Edel.


Tracy said...

The colours on your kit are beautiful. It's all coming back to me now, I can remember seeing your kits at Shepton Mallet on the Silkwood stand. I got waylaid by bunnies and then spinning!

Amelia said...

Did I mention that I love the colour of your sock yarn?? There's something so nice about the way they blend together even if it wasn't quite on purpose. The husband loves those puzzles too, he's been doing the ones in the paper recently - did you buy those books off the site? He'd love me for ever if I got him some... A.x