Friday, May 20, 2005

Big Smile :)

Thanks for all the nice messages, its always nice to recieve comments especially after such a bad day, but Yeaterday was a lot better especially once I finally got to Liberty last night, its always nice to sit and knit with friends.

I did actually do some knitting yesterday I started on a pair of socks what a suprise I decided to try Queen Kahuna's method from her crazy toes and heels book,

Fan toe Posted by Hello
I'm finding the book quite frustrating but the technical instructions are great well worth it.

The other nice suprise for yesterday was my birthday present from Yvonne all parceled in the wonderful bag.

Beautiful bag Posted by Hello

Lool at the beautiful shells added to the ties.

something new to play with Posted by Hello

It got better she also gave me some interesting yarn a denim type with lurex glittry bits running through it.

One of the vogues on the Go Knitting book, with at least a couple of projects I want to tackle especially the mittens.

new book Posted by Hello

And look at this beautiful necklace, isn't it gorgeous, she knows how much of a butterfly thing I have (she also tucked in a butterfly patch)

Isn't it beautiful Posted by Hello
also the necklace is resting on the soap that was also included in this wonderful parcel it smells gorgeous.

I'm really lucky to have such good friends.

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