Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm Baaccckkkk!!!!

I'm back on line at home so I can start adding photos once more, Matt has done a great job what a hero!!!!!!
Now back to doing some work I guess and no more disappearing to the local internet cafe.

Baby Bunnies
After all that worrying will they won't they one of the bunnies actually produced three baby bunnies when we were doing the show at Morden Hall Park, it kind of made up for the show, not a great one for sales and not a whole bunch to see either, the only bonius being was some wonderful bacon that I brought, no shrinking and no white stuff oozing from the rashers. I did manage a little knitting or should I say large knitting on Les' needles and working on a pattern for a one day shawl. I decided on a simple eyelet shawl, maybe not the best idea when having to talk to the public at the same time. The other bonus that has come up from the show is the possibility of Silkwood doing the craft fair at Hampton Court.

Knitting News
I finally let my curiosity get the better of me and brought one of the shardigan patterns,
Shardigan Posted by HelloI have to say not that convinced by it yet especially as it is so bsdly written and I would have thought almost impossilble for an inexperienced knitter to follow as this experienced one is struggling a little.
I have also cast on a little baby cardigan in Silkwoods new 4ply. Plus I am still working on the funghi for the guild.

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Joan L. said...

I ;like your "shardigan" - will you tell me, please, where you bougjht the pattern? I cannot find one anywhere.
sincerely, Joan L.