Saturday, May 07, 2005

Joining in the Fun

Ok as you can see the extra buttons in the links coloumn I have signed up for my first ring (still having a few technical difficulties with this) and a Secret Pal scheme its going to be fun I hope.

Now on the knitting fronet the Shardigan, oh my I have now run out of one of the yarns not a big hassle considering the pattern but the only person I think this is ever going to fit is a stick, I take it for granted when I read a pattern that says one size fits all that its not likely to fit me but please, ok I know I haven't finished the garment yet and blocking can be very persuasive. See wht you think.

Shardigan so far Posted by Hello

Just some quick picks of the hanks I dyed yesterday, some subtle tones for me.

yet more wool Posted by Hello

and more Posted by Hello

Oh and I spotted this out of my studio window this afternoon when I was supposed to be working.

Glorious Pink Bench Posted by Hello
Isn't it cute, I know I am trying to get out of my pink phase but still.

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alltangledup said...

secret pal exchanges are really fun and if I wasn't so busy with the Rowan exchange I would had signed up. The best part is the surprise and finding out who's been spoiling you silly.