Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tangle Free Zone

Just a quick entry just got back from Liberty where the wonderful girls helped me untangle the mess of my newly dyed self patterning yarn, especially Angeli who definitely has greater patience than me but with a mug of tea at borders I managed to finish the job and have now got three balls of yarn ready to be cast on.

Yes I did finish untangling that mess Posted by Hello
If I can find a reasonable size crochetr hook in the house I will cast off the now complete aloha socks and have the new sock ready for the journey to Silkwood tomorrow.

The postman delivered a much anticipated parcel today, I won some extra bits for my hamster cage on E-bay, so took them into the studio where we washed and anticepticed it all (including Mark Drying Up a rare sight apparently) and he set too work to construct this luxurious dwelling, it was like watching a young boy with a lego kit at christmas, I just sat back and watched.

Hamster heaven Posted by Hello

I am not complaining in the slightest as he is volunteering to look after them while I am at Silkwood for the weekend looking after` the rabbits and cats so expect a few gratitous photos of baby bunnies.

And the really big news of the day is that Get Knitted have ordered kits and will be going up on the site later this year,


littlelixie said...

Have you got a link for your kits? Not sure what they are. littlelixie at hotmail dot com. Cheers!

Jill said...

I can't wait to see what those socks look like when that yarn is knitted up......would you ever consider doing the whole process again, or do you not think it is worth it? Waiting to see pictures of baby bunnies......have a good weekend!