Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Brighter Day

So I had a slightly better day but my bank account did suffer a little, not big time but did buy myself two bags from oxfam, I loved the colour of this one below,

Brand new bag Posted by Hello
I'll probably find out that it is from some one like Primark and could have brought it for a pound but hey it made me smile.

I also recieved my parcel from Get knitted including my addi needles but also some sock yarn. I agree with Jill and Yvonne if only we could get parcels from Get Knitted from the NHS I'm sure there would be a lot less people on medication.
Then to my suprise another parcel arrived I forgot that I had also ordered yarn from Web of Wool.

and more sock yarn Posted by Hello
Now anybody who knows me knows that I suffer from one sock syndrome so why I ordered more sock yarn I'll never know but I did fall in love with some socks on Dawns blog so ordered this yarn so I could make my own version.

Bee sock yarn Posted by Hello

and the final ball of sock yarn Posted by Hello

I also found out the benefits of being a youth worker for 18years as one of my kids (not actually a kid but a very nice 23 year old) works at our local library, well the last time I had a library card I was 13 and never returned some books so I never went back but she encouraged me to return and I now have my new library ticket and spent a wonderful time browsing through an Andy Goldsworthy book which always makes me smile.

Andy Goldsworthy Posted by Hello


Tracy said...

There you go, you're obviously feeling much happier today. A cheerful bag and sock yarn, I agree goodies always make you feel great.

Mary said...

Get Knitted should definitely be available on prescription from the NHS!