Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Quiet day for me today little achieved seemed to have gained some kind of bug (me and not the computer for a change) a splitting headache and even my fingers ache, so have watched a DVD this morning ('Life as a house'a good traditional weepy with Kevin Kline) and have done a little of my modular jacket but a little to heavy on the fingers, but just for those who keep asking here is a recent picture.

Module cardigan so far Posted by Hello

What I did find was a great set of copyright free images of knitting and crocheting these just remind me of our history and how our craft links us through generations and reminds me that we're not the first.

bliss Posted by Hello

I love this ine as it reminds me of sitting in my grandmas kitchen learning to crochet while she was cooking and the whole new world she unlocked and even then thinking how those first stiches could become an actual jumper.

another great picture Posted by Hello

And this photo also reminds me that she had a rocking chair that I spent many happy hours sewing and making.

Oh this little snap is to show you the newest edition to the studio, yes it is plant life and no thats not an outside shot, its a plant that grows up the back wall of the studio and is growing through the wall.

newset edition Posted by Hello

The owner of the plant has been asked to do something but refuses so what do I do, it is definitely doing damage to the wall. I had a suggestion that I should let it grow and when I had a few good leaves on it get some of the weed killer that you paint onto the leaves which travels back to the root ball and destroys the whole plant, but I can't bring myself to do it...

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