Thursday, May 12, 2005

Baby Bunny

As promised heres a photo of the baby bunny one of six now not three as first thought they are so sweet

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and there mum is so good, I am looking forward to the end of the month when I get to look after them as apparently by that point they are far more active and will be coming to the fronet of the cage and are likely to fall out.

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Now you remember a couple of weekends ago Sue came over to the studio to teach me machine patchwork and I was very proud of my finished bag well see what the professional does with the same pattern, its something to aspire to. I love the quilting on this bag.
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Unfortunately I didn't manage to get my yarn for my rowan edgy exchange project yet but I think I know what I'm going to knit.

Also started yet another version of this felted bag kit on the train to Tess' yesterday but I think I am going to frog it again and go back to the original as although this pattern is simpler I prefer the shape of the more complicated pattern.

What I forgot to tell you about yesterday besides all the train difficulties when I actually walked onto the platform at barnes I thought great there is a train on the platform to find a steam train there having its water tanks filled up from a fire engine, guess who didn't have her batteries in her camera, typical.

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Tracy said...

Oh they are so tiny. I wouldn't be able to leave them alone. Have they got names yet? I'm admiring the bag big time. Anyone who can sew gets my applause...I'm rubbish!