Sunday, May 29, 2005

Socks etc

I had a good time in the Dye house yesterday and managed to dye just over 3 kilos of roving as you can see they are just waiting to be labelled and weighed.

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I am tempted to buy my favourite one to knit that moss stich bag from the first Simply Knitting but must not buy more wool, honestly its the only problem with helping Silkwood out is that I end up being tempted by all the yarn I'm surrounded by.

A bit blurry but the one in the front is my favourite Posted by Hello

I still have all the rabbits and cats and had a better nights sleep after constructing a far better gate to keep the foxes out. I don't see so much of the cats as I usually do I think because they have lost the raeburn to lay in front of but it didn't stop them sleeping on the bed last night I woke up tto find four of them surrounding me.

Only got a few rows done on the self patterning socks yesterday as I was trying to be strict with myself and finish the socks in Regia using Jill Vosburgs short row toe and heel pattern that I left here on my last visit just eleven more rows to go and I can cast off.

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Heres a photo of the Aloha socks all but finished just need to sew in the ends, I 'm quite pleased with them will make them a little narrower in the foot next time. Also I might try and add lace to the cuff but as I only generally knit trainer socks there isn't much space to play with.

First Aloha socks finished Posted by Hello

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