Friday, May 06, 2005

Twice in one Day.

Well I finally got the batteries in my camera charged so this is going to be a photo heavy entry as I have a lot to catch up on.
First of all my start of the shardigan, I've knitted it with Patons Cargo and whisper, plus rowans cotton tape and Silkwoods Starflower yarn.
Shardigan Posted by Hello
I am still struggling with the way the pattern is written a lot of rereading but have got a little further than in this picture, I may still frog it as it is very heavy (this is down to me and the yarn I chose to use) but also the so called one size fits all bug has struck again, we will see.

The second photo is the patchwork bag which is the product of a wonderful Saturday spent with Sue, who patiently taught me the basics of machine patchwork with the bag as the result.
patchwork sucess Posted by Hello My finishing on it leaves a little to be desired but the idea is great and am now working on a smaller version to use a s purse.

Just a quick shot of some of the Funghi that I have finished.
Magic mushrooms Posted by Hello

Successfully dyed a few more skiens today for kits but although the day started well it soon went down hill when I had to deal with 'Coats' again, this time they sent me a reminder bill for something that I paid three weeks ago and have no record of the payement, I wouldn't mind but I paid it straight into their bank account. So the rest of the day went downhill from there really roll on tomorrow.

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Amelia said...

I just love your mushrooms - they are so real... Did you see the lady at Libertys who had a picture of the ones that she had made?

The patchwork bag looks lovely too - note to self not to take up another craft! A. xx