Saturday, May 28, 2005

Rabbits and Bunnies everywhere

So here I am back at Silkwood and including the baby bunnies I have twenty nine bunnies to take care of plus eight cats, thankfully because of the weather they have let the Raeburn go out for the summer yeh!!!!!

so cute Posted by Hello

The baby bunnies are so cute they are all out of the nest and do look like pom poms and are all very inquizative and I have to be careful when feeding them that they don't jump out of the hutch. I must admit though having the baby bunnies here makes me even more paranoid about the Fox which meant a very restless night last night as every small sound (including Thistle the cats snoring) made me jump up I have added another three wind chimes to the defences so fingers crossed I will have a better night tonight.

I did start on my so called self dyed self patterning yarn socks yesterday and I am getting stripes but I think I should probably leave it to Opal, mind you I have only just got past the fan toe so we will see what this straight bit of knitting brings.

Not quite self patterning yet Posted by Hello

Well the afternoon plans consist of me tucking myself away downstairs in the dye house and see what I can come up with.


alltangledup said...

what a gorgeous bunny. I can't wait to see how that sock turns out. the colours are wonderful. While Opal may make nice self-patterning yarns, you have a great eye for colour which makes the yarn truelly unique

littlelixie said...

Totally agree with the other comment. Very interested to see socks progress....