Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Be warned Rant alert

As promised here is visual evidence of my progress with Delta I am glad to say didn't work on it today otherwise would have had to frog that as well.
I know it doesn't seemed to have grown Posted by Picasa
Decided definitely having an off day, firstly my printer gave in the ghost which is a bit of a pain as I have quite a nice one plus it has my scanner init too. So I headed down to the studio and the heavens opened so no dyeing so started to tackle some knitting and every single sticth I knitted I had to undo.
So cutting my losses I decided to take a bus up to PC WOrld to buy a cheap printer as I have a lot of patterns to print. I have to say this is never my favourite place, to start with being a women they tend to treat you like you know nothing, well in my case this maybe true (except possibly digital cameras) but I usually know what I want. Well I thought while I was there I'd have a wander round and see what special offers they have on as I keep thinking about a new laptop as this one has a really nasty crack across the screen , I can't really afford it but for a good deal I would try and find the money well I saw a couple of interesting possibilities but decided to start with what I came in for the printer. So I finally managed to drag an assistant towards the printers and away from flirting with her colleagues only to find she had no idea so she got another assistant that treated me like I was wasting his time, I hasten to add this meant there was no way I was buying a laptop from this jerk, I ended up answering my own questions by reading the box took the printer and went to check out upstairs, sometimes I wish I wasn't brought up with reasonable manners. It got a little better upstairs as I did find a very useful assistant who patiently explained the difference between all the rewritable cds ( considering taking part in the CD exchange) and found me some cheaper inks than the ones the guy got me downstairs. So my bank account was saved.
It didn't get a whole bunch better, I got onto a full bus with printer in ahnd managed to find somewhere to hang onto but ended up next to these tourists who were very lucky they got off in a couple of stops, now usually I have a tendency to look out for tourists having spent a bit of time travelling on my own and being very greatfulfor help from locals but this guy just kept moaning about how inefficient the bus service was and that there were to many stops, I was very good as I nearly turned round and pointed out to him that his home country didn't even have a proper bus system and if he was 80 years old and that one short trip between bus stops was the difference between being able to buy your own supplies and staying independent and not then he would also be grateful for our wonderful bus system (he was obviously a car driver). Ok so I'll stop going on now going to settle down to watch Shrek 2 hopefully to calm me down a little


dawn said...

oops! a day from hell for you! I love going to pc world and always take charge, no knowledge, but an analytical brain! And I love bossing rude people around. I'm the one who shouts at queue jumpers in sainsburys!

hope it's better now. maybe work on a washcloth!


Yvonne said...

Sounds a bit like my day with technology. Next time you fancy a trip to PC World take Matt with you - he enjoys winding the salespeople up and I have fun asking questions about Mac's which no-one can answer.

littlelixie said...

What a poo day. Pooch is at your service if you want to know about laptops. Macs are his speciality but he has just built himself a new PC from the component bits. Weird I know but he seems to enjoy it.