Sunday, July 17, 2005

Confession Time

So as promised here are my purchases from the last couple of days.
First up my purchases from the trip to a stitch in Time with Kathryn and her mum.
These irst pictures are of some fabric and pattern for a Kaffe Fassett patchwork quilt I've decided to tackle in my own colours of course. Sorry that the photos are a little blurry my camera seemed to have slipped into manuel focus without me noticing.
lilacs and pattern Posted by Picasa

Dark purples Posted by Picasa

greens Posted by Picasa

pink Posted by Picasa

Next on our return to the store after a tea break (time for reflection) we returned to the store and we all brought patterns for bags plus fabric. This is my choice its called The Kew Carrier and here is the fabric I think I'm going to use.

bag pattern and intended fabric Posted by Picasa

Now for the wool from Loop
Firstly here is the books and patterns I got. The magazine in the front Knit Knit 5 really comes wrapped in that wonderful handspun yarn, plus there is a sock book from Spin Off plus the bobbie bear junior pattern

Books Posted by Picasa

here is the rest of the wool I mostly brought singular balls.

Illusion and Amelie Posted by Picasa

tartlette and truffles from K1C2 Posted by Picasa

Jam from K1C2, Illusion from GGH and Lane de nord Posted by Picasa

Blue Sky Alpaca Posted by Picasa

With a couple of the yarns I couldn't wait till I got home to start so incorperated them into a project I had started from the yarn I found in my home stash so I had something to knit for the journey which I think will now become my winter scarf I think but who knows but the two yarns you can see in the back ground is GGh's Velour and Knit One Crochet Two Truffles which I really love.

latest project with some more yarn from Loop Posted by Picasa

close up Posted by Picasa

Did a little more dyeing today but it was so hot it was unbearble to do too much, I also worked on the two washcloths I have on the needles. I did find this website and am considering maybe putting some of my photos on there for sale maybe a postcards or greetings cards. What do you think. Also thinking of setting up an afternoon knitting group in Barnes maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, any takers? Maybe once a month or something.
Poppy and Michelle in disgrace as woke me at 4:30am this morning and again at 5:30am but this time managing to spill a cup of tea all down my bed and on some of my knitting patterns, so sorry no pictures today.


alltangledup said...

next time you come into Kew, tell me. I live about 5 minutes away from that shop. I can't believe that you were so near by...!

scarletprincess said...

Wow! Your yarn looks yummy! And that scarf... mmmm... looks great, is it a garter stitch stripey pattern or yarns combined?
And yes my cat regularly disgraces herself, but I forgive her when she welcomes me home after work :o)

Jill said...

I could do a Tuesday afternoon, usually!........


I just had to check out your purchases from Loop. I am so jealous that we don't have anything like that kind of choice available here in Newcastle, but also thinking 'that is possibly a very good thing'! Would love to see what you come back with next time too.

littlelixie said...

Those fabrics are very lovely - especially the greens. I feel drawn to them. Check out this one too (you have to select english as the language as it defaults to german). Tea on knitting patterns! No kitty treats for those two.