Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fair Day

What a strange couple of days its been, is it my imagination but are people being far more polite than normal and actually talking to one another.
On Friday it would have been Robins birthday so I had taken poeples advice an had arranged to be doing something so I had arranged to go over to Silkwood for the day, I had to think about this a little after Thursday not that I was worried about travelling, I think growing up in London I have kind of become a little, I don't know how to describe it its not tolerant of these kind of atrocitys and I can't say that one ever becomes used to them but I don't find they stop me doing anything. That sounds like I don't care and nothing can be futher from the truth, I don't know I'm just rambling now. What I was trying to say was that it wasn't fear that made me consider not going but I knew that the transport system was going to be having a bad time especially in our area although well away from the incident it seemed to have closed down most of our tube lines and I didn't want to add to the chaos so I decided to wait until after ten so all those who needed to get into work could go, in fact the only problem I had was with the traffic booth the bus and the trains were more or less empty, in fact had a carriage to myself on the train outward bound from Clapham Junction, and on the train to Clapham there were a few very frightened looking passengers.
I did have a nice day at Silkwood though, as always I was well fed and looked after, we tackled more colour cards which is terrible because I keep seeing new colours that I want to buy. So a couple more pictures to add to their website. We decided that neither of us had the energy to tackle the basement and any dyeing so we had a nice relaxing afternoon chattinng and winding wool. The journey back was uneventful and found my brother had been released from hospital with enough insulin to fill the vegtable tray in the fridge.
Although I didn't go to Get Knitted today I went to our local fair, now this sounds very quaint but thousands of people turn up and there are hundreds od stalls.

Entrance to fair Posted by Picasa
Now being Barnes its not just a BBQ and beer Tent for food the most popular stand as ever is the Thai Food stall.
Queue Posted by PicasaLook at the queue we had to stand in, I think it took us about twenty minutes in the end but was worth the wait.
I didn't spend to long there as I find all those people a bit much, it gets very crowded but is good fun and has been going for as long as I've been alive, in fact some of the stands have been the same since I was born. Its an interesting mix of craftsman (lots of jewellery) and bric a brac and Tombola and thankfully we had good weather as we all got very wet last year.
There was a little knitting a couple of stall of nice handknitted garments, not sure in which country they were hand knitted looking at the prices especially as they were silk,

Jumpers Posted by Picasa
sorry the picture isn't so great but couldn't really get a lot closer.
We also had a climbing tower this year, I wasn't tempted.

bandstand Posted by Picasa
I did buy a book about crochet. And I got a couple of cards of trimming for £2. There was some yarn on a bric-a-brac stall but the price was too high.
I also purchased these,

Plant 1 Posted by Picasa
now don't ask me what they are but I think they go nicely with the Aloes I got last year which have doubled in size

Plant 2 Posted by Picasa
and they only cost me 30p so even if I kill them its not the end of the world. Any advice on them greatfully recieved.

Guess the cat Posted by Picasa


Yvonne said...

I didn't realise it was the fair today - pity as I enjoyed myself so much last year. Sounds like a good couple of days though

Anonymous said...

I think they look like sempervivens or popular name House Leek. I have not grown them sucessfully inside, they like very shallow gritty free draining soil or often can be seen growing on roof tops or wall cracks and will produce long spikes of pink flowers. If they get waterlogged they rot! I have mine outside in very shallow gritty soil in a pot and rarely water them. Spiders seem to like them to spin webs on them! OKC I'm very jealous of your trip to Loop I may have to invoke visit to daughter in London and get her to escort me!Judith.