Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Frog Day

I did do some knitting yesterday well some frogging, I had already started the Meredith Glover Peacock Face cloth pattern suggested by Yvonne on Sunday but this is what happens when you drink and knit.
Before frogging Posted by Picasa

This is after me having already pulled out five rows and still having no idea what went wrong and decidingthat actually at the rate I was going it was going to be quicker to start again. At least I'd done the most difficult bits so next time it will be a breeze :) I thinkk I'm going to wait till I get some 4ply cotton to do it in as it was going to turn out a little large.

Also the hamsters had a spring clean yesterday and I decided that the blue table I painted that was going to be my ironing table has now been designated the hamster table as I couldn't quite fot my knees under it.
luxury apartment Posted by Picasa

See what a great job Mark did designing a whole new layout for the cage it will keep them amused for hours.

And finally the cats well we have just introduced them to collars we are having a few problems this si a picture of Poppy saying 'collar what collar, I haven't seen a collar'look no collar Posted by Picasa

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Tracy said...

How are those kitties with the hamsters? I can just imagine it must be like watching telly for them!