Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Day

What a wonderful day I had, Little Lixie came to visit and brought pressies not only did she bring Millie's Cookies (how did she know that they were my weakness) and she also brought me pressies from the Hand Weavers Studio
Look Presents Posted by Picasa

There is some dyed silk in front and some camel and some Yak, I can't wait to get the angora off my drop spinner to give it a go.
We ended up doing some dying I had some yarn to dye for a Yarnsmith Order and Lixie brought what I think is DK hank of wool with her. She ended up with the most beautiful hank of yarn that looks like a sunrise, she also dyed a hank for the order in beautiful lilacs and pinks.
Hard at work Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the afternoon as my batteries ran out in my camera. But trust me that yarn is orange and pink with a hint of red.
It was so nice to have company in the studio especially someone who loves yarn as much as me.

I also heard from my edgy recipient today and she was very happy with the finished bag which means I can now post pictures.
Finished Bag Posted by Picasa

I know what was all my whinging about, it was all that plain stocking stitch I've never been very good at doing something plain.
close up of edge Posted by Picasa

I'm glad she liked it though as I assume everyone else does there is always a sense of self doubt.
I also recast on the peacock with the four ply I got from Get Knitted this morning (pictures when I get a little further on).
I rounded off the day witha selective gathering at Libertys just a few of us this evening and I almost resisted the sale but did only purchase for my SP5.
And to finish off my day perfectly I got home in time for 'House' forget Big brother this is my new must see.
Finally a couple of pictures to prove I do actually have two cats At rest a rare sight Posted by Picasa
( the second is not so great but shows how large Michelle has got).Fully streched out Posted by Picasa
Look I actualy managed to get collars on both of them


Tracy said...

It's beautiful! You did a lovely job. It was worth every stitch you muttered over hehe!

scarletprincess said...

Your bag is lovely! definately worth the effort! And your cats... oh theyre so pretty! Mine doesn't keep still long enough to take a good picture and doesn't like to pose once woken up!
Shame you're so far away... I'd bet your studio is wonderful!!

littlelixie said...

The bag is STUNNING. I see what you mean with the butterflies - I love it.

Mary said...

I love the bag - the edging is just beautiful. Who was the lucky recipient?